Gold & Precious Metals

Gold & Precious Metals

If you’re involved in selling Gold, Silver or any other precious metals, extreme fluctuations in the hourly prices of these commodities offer both danger and opportunity. This volatility is caused by a host of influences far beyond the scope of your control. The direction of market winds and investment timing, new laws and world turmoil, all introduce “high risk” into this potentially lucrative, but extremely volatile, business.

With a business that depends upon volatility for its very solubility, you are going to need a card payment solution that potentially calms the ebb and flow of market forces. Regardless of how your particular business rides these often hostile market forces, Card Payment Systems has the payment solutions to marginalize the burden of your high risk.

The following merchants exemplify the diversity of this industry

  • Catalog merchants of coins or precious metals.
  • Diamonds.
  • Fine Watches and Jewelry.
  • Bullion.

There exists so much in the gold and precious metal industries that is beyond your control. Count on CPS to ensure that your payment systems are fully integrated with our comprehensive processing solutions before your next transaction.