Contact Card Payment Systems, the industry leader in petroleum merchant processing, to establish a payment system that meets the criteria of your station. CPS has an entire team of Certified Petroleum Agents with the ability to improve your customer’s experience at the pump or convenience store. These highly trained certified sales reps can provide you with the right information needed for this unique industry.

CPS will examine your current payment system and provide a thorough and collaborative analysis.

  • CPS knows the tiny profit margins in which your business must operate. By seamlessly integrating the software for your pumps and cash drawer, CPS will allow you to process with speed and efficiency.
  • Our customized point of sale systems accept WRIGHT EXPRESS ( WEX ), VOYAGER and FLEET cards.
  • We specialize in Ruby Systems and can integrate other POS systems.
  • We can integrate EMV, EBT and Gift Cards to your current system.
  • We work hand in hand with experienced Pay at the Pump programmers.
  • We can optimize your processing software, regardless of state or location.

CPS offers the payment processing solutions and performance that your customers appreciate. If your gas station processes over $150,000 monthly, we will put $150 toward a stand alone EMV terminal; crucial to keep processing payments should your software go down.

If your gas station is not running as smooth as it should, let CPS take a look under the hood. A fill up of new customers is sure to follow.