CPS Offers More Secure Card Technology

The extra seconds it takes to process an EMV card are invaluable from a security standpoint. Both you and the customer are better protected with this card’s microchip technology. The microchip is encrypted, so while the card is in your reader, the information passing through is far more secure than with older swipe cards. A card’s chip is significantly more difficult and more costly to counterfeit than the old magnetic stripe

Why use The Chip?

Simply put, you’re better off with chip-enabled equipment and software. A recent nationwide shift to these “chip and PIN” cards as the standard has pushed fraud liability onto merchants. A merchant without chip card technology is liable for any fraudulent transactions resulting from the alternative use of the card’s magnetic stripe. So you not only provide your customers with more accepted payment methods, but you gain additional protection for yourself in the process! The chip has also become the industry standard and, in retail environments, is mandated to be an accepted payment form.

Processing with Card Payment Systems

CPS integrates the following chip based technology using

With a superior combination of speed and power, these easy to read terminals offer quick and reliable payment processing via several connectivity options. Increased memory will support a wide range of value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions. CPS can integrate and customize your platform or gateway with additional Verifone options.

Ingenico’s innovative iCT250 can be integrated as a stand alone terminal and has the intelligence and versatility to handle any retail environment. This countertop device gives your merchant’s customer the freedom to accept all existing forms of electronic payment – including contactless, EMV and NFC mobile. This terminal solution needs no interface with a cash register or POS system, handling all payment processing from a single, secure and easy-to-use color device.

Combining innovation, durability and outstanding performance, PAX’s Technology’s S80 device is an advanced countertop point-of-sale (POS) terminal. The terminal is equipped with communication technologies such as ethernet and PSTN. An intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad help make operation easier for both merchant and customer. The S80 terminal has a built-in contactless and ARM11 processor supporting multiple payment and value-added applications. Truly state-of-the-art payment processing technology!

At CPS, we offer the card processing equipment and software to keep your payment methods safe and up-to-date, so you can keep your card processing humming and your mind focused on innovation and success!