Virtual Terminals

A virtual terminal is the link merchants need to efficiently accept credit or debit cards online securely from their own computer. If your business aspires to accept credit, debit as payment, Card Payment Systems will taper the Payment Gateway that best addresses the specific needs of your particular industry.

As an Authorized reseller of payment gateways, we offer the following virtual terminals; all designed to safely expedite the transition of funds from the customer’s financial institution into yours.


One of the market’s leading payment gateways, this virtual terminal meets all of your online processing needs without terminal hardware. Pre integrated with close to 100 different shopping carts, all of which are certified as safe and secure, their features include fraud filters, real time balance data and the generation of emails certifying your customer’s receipt of the product or service.

USA Epay

A pioneer of on-the-go wireless payments, this virtual terminal specializes in fraud protection, mobile, e-commerce, point of sale and even features telephone and mail order solutions – all secured by Level 1 PCI compliance adhering to and exceeding the industry’s strictest standards for fraud prevention.


Specializing in the Health and Wellness industry, a virtual terminal that utilizes proprietary software for the safe integration of 200 existing shopping carts

At CPS, we will analyze the payment virtual terminal that best suits your specific business needs. When you partner with us, your company will

  • Process all major card brands.
  • Receive next day deposits.
  • Manage risk through data storage and secure, Level 1 PCI compliant payment processing.
  • Monitor all of the above with a secure password on your website.

Finally, CPS offers expert customer support from an award winning management team. Reliable, friendly and recognized as the best in the industry, we appreciate your business and are always available to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let’s build a relationship as we customize the ideal virtual terminal for your block of business!