With Supermarkets, agricultural seasons and basic principles of supply and demand, result in the need for terminals or POS systems that are fluid and ever changing. At CPS, we offer fresh payment processing solutions for supermarkets. That’s because CPS offers specialized merchant solutions designed to handle a supermarket’s unique needs. With CPS, our merchant solutions include

  • The ability to accept Debit, EBT and all major card brands.
  • The lowest rates guarantee!
  • Integration of most POS systems.
  • Reseller multiple POS solution capable of integrating with scales and cash card.
  • Processing merchandise returns for instant customer credits.
  • Online access to view batches and statements anytime.
  • Specialized 24/7 technical support and customer service.

The new, microchip technology

In grocery stores, customers expect different options for processing their payments. With a grocery merchant account, CPS can provide EMV terminals designed to interface with your network or as a stand alone on any counter. Our terminal and software technology can except the new digital wallets, (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.) At CPS, our technology is up-to-date and current with the young and tech savvy in mind. Allowing a millennial to pay for an evening’s dinner with a swipe of their smart phone!

Consult with CPS and deliver payment processing solutions that will keep your check out lines short and your back office operations humming!