Most components of e-commerce and credit card processing work together. As such, it is easy to understand how a business owner can become confused with the terminology of the card payment industry. In some cases, they’re integrated as part of an all-in-one solution. It doesn’t help that some websites and companies use these terms interchangeably. So which do you need? Is a payment gateway a necessity for your business? Does your e-commerce site need a shopping cart? What about other components like a merchant account? Where should you begin?! Take a deep breath. We’re here to help.

What is a shopping cart

The functions of a payment gateway and a shopping cart are very different. A shopping cart is a virtual equivalent of a cart you wheel through a grocery or home goods store. You put your goods into the cart and drive it to the cash register that then tallies your order and gives you a total amount due. This is exactly what an online shopping cart does. It totals the costs of your goods, adds tax and shipping, subtracts discounts via coupon codes and the like, and then displays a total amount due.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Card Payment Systems can integrate the shopping cart to link to your merchant account. If your business accepts credit and debit cards as payment for products or services, you need a payment gateway. A gateway enables merchants to have payments authorized, processed and deposited into their bank account. Gateways quickly and securely verify card accounts for payment approval, then connect financial institutions together to transfer from customer to merchant. All of this activity occurs in about the same amount of time that it has taken you to read these paragraphs.

Card Payment Systems is an authorized reseller of payment gateway services such as,

  • USA Epay.
  • NMI.

Why CPS?

We offer innovative solutions, high quality customer support and other services at extremely competitive rates. We can include fraud filters, real time transaction history and balance data. We can set the gateway up to email customer’s receipts.

With an appropriate payment gateway, recurring billing is transacted automatically, the storing of credit card data is no longer mandatory. Your customer will never be bothered by requests for them to repeat their sensitive payment information. The payment gateway automatically verifies and secures every transaction.

Contact CPS and see how our team can customize the payment gateway best suited for your company’s business.