With health and beauty dominating our youth-oriented culture, opportunities abound for companies that offer subscription nutraceuticals, vitamins and free trial/continuity memberships. For credit card processors, the nutraceuticals industry presents both unique opportunities and challenges. In fact, many banks have stopped providing merchant services to the nutraceutical industry. Their trepidation is due to the risk associated with substances of untested efficacy and the unverified claims of the merchants who bring them to market. The rampant chargebacks that can interrupt the nutraceutical merchant’s recurrent billing cycles are an ongoing challenge for credit card processors.


Card Payment Systems ( CPS ) is the exception. We offer unique credit card processing solutions specifically for merchants in the online and mail order nutraceutical industry. If the banks are denying your merchant application because they believe it to be too high risk, CPS can certainly help.

  • As CPS underwrites our own accounts, we assume a majority of the risk. Thus, CPS can provide merchant solutions not available to other credit card processors.
  • Our software solutions integrate hundreds of shopping carts; providing our merchants the customized payment gateways and e-commerce platforms the nutraceutical industry requires.
  • CPS offers a complimentary plan for reducing chargeback ratios. Having an excessive amount of chargebacks can jeopardize a merchant account. We are privileged to monitor most chargebacks and retrievals. By providing notification of all pending chargebacks, you can reimburse some, and thus limit the chargebacks to only the ones you wish to challenge.

If you need help with your nutraceutical merchant account or application, or are simply tired of the excessive fees, CPS is ready and willing to help. Please call us today!