The restaurant business spends trillions of dollars to serve a dollar cup of coffee. As such, the restaurant business is viewed as one of the most difficult endeavors a business can encounter. Card Payment Systems recognizes the complications of your restaurant venture and dedicates a team of restaurant savvy professionals to meet your payment processing needs.

The restaurant business is a service oriented industry. Tips, open bar tabs and gift card processing makes the restaurant business a card processing nightmare. Because of the difficulties endemic to this business, CPS is among your most important partners for trouble shooting and processing versatility. Consider software solutions that can

  • Add tips to a previously authorized transaction, configuring percentages for your customer’s convenience.
  • Allow a server to “pad” an order by opening up a bar tab and keeping it open throughout an evening’s festivities.
  • Utilize wireless solutions for deliveries and curb side pick ups; maintaining processing simplicity for waiters and deliverymen.
  • Divvy up a dinner bill, bar tab or both; processing multiple credit and debit cards in the payment.
  • Report an evening’s financial performance with auto batching both printed out accessed online.
  • Next day funding for immediate access to server’s cash.

Why risk ruining an evening’s perfectly constructed performance with an inexperienced restaurant payment processing service? Whether you own a corner delicatessen, a fast food franchise or a full service steak house, CPS has your recipe for success.