The Hospitality business is incredibly fast paced. When combined with high seasonal demands, hotels, motels, resorts and spas require a processor that can handle the unique challenges of the Hospitality industry.

Card Payment Systems ( CPS ) has merchant account services that are specifically to the hospitality industry.

  • We can design your system to offer fast and efficient approvals for your non cash transactions.
  • We can customize most POS systems to integrate with any hotel or motel management software.
  • Our customized solutions can process high volume, recurring billing: Charging the same card the same amount on a daily – or ( even ) hourly – basis.
  • We offer gift/loyalty card solutions.
  • We provide free stand alone EMV terminals.
  • Quickly access your complete reservation log and customer data.

At CPS, our turn key credit and debit card processing meets the growing demands of a increasingly diverse hospitality industry. Regardless of industry specifics , CPS provides our customary excellence in debit and credit card processing. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to address any technical issues or questions you may have with a particular transaction. Give us a call at Card Payment Systems and see just how hospitable our card payment processing can be.