Business Travel


It can be difficult for travel agencies to choose a payment services provider. The credit card processing industry generally categorizes travel agents as high risk due to the fact that most transactions occur long before the actual product or service is delivered to the customer. This time lag leaves travel merchants open to chargebacks and other payment disputes. As such, many payment service providers keep travel businesses in another time zone, at a vast distance, far, far away.

At Card Payment Systems, we not only accept such travel businesses; we welcome them as our own. Due to our ability to underwrite our accounts, we can implement risk that leaves our competition jet lagged and struggling to understand the native dialect.

Submit and application with a few documents (e.g. a copy of the owner’s driver’s license, a voided business check, most recent merchant and bank statements) and, within days, you’re flying; processing payments like a seasoned pilot. If you need equipment, we will ship it your way. We’ll set up your payment gateway or integrate your current software like a luxury yacht over smooth waters.

Generally, businesses in the Travel industry fall into one of the following categories:

  • Travel Agencies Primarily for companies primarily engaged in furnishing travel information, as online travel agents, arranging tours, transportation, rental cars, and hotels.
  • Tour Operators Primarily for tour operators, charters, fishing and hunting, trekking, safaris, etc.
  • Travel Continuity (might require additional documentation).
  • Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services: A catch-all category for non ‘travel agents’ who are engaged in the travel industry. Cruise lines, Online Travel Agencies.
  • Organization Hotels and Lodging Houses: On Membership Basis for any lodging related business with a membership component or which isn’t available to the general public (excluding Timeshares).

So, if any of the above industry descriptions categorize your business, give CPS a call. Whether setting you up with equipment or integrating your current system into one that is more efficient and secure, CPS is traveling in rarefied air. Book a trip with us today.